Eiffel Tower – A French Eyesore

By | Mar 31, 2017

On March 31, 1889 the Eiffel Tower was inaugurated. It opened a little over a month later on May 6th. The tower is named for its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel.

A Fire in Space Exploration

By | Jan 27, 2017

President John F. Kennedy’s goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s was well on scheduled until January 27, 1967. 50 years ago the Moon project was put on hold. A fire in the command module sitting atop a Saturn IB rocket, just weeks before the first manned Apollo mission was set to blast-off, killed three astronauts.

The Mary Celeste

By | Nov 5, 2013

On November 5, 1872 the Mary Celeste set sail from New York harbor. It was loaded with 1,709 barrels of grain alcohol and bound for Genoa, Italy. The Captain was Benjamin S. Briggs with a crew of seven (First Mate Albert G. Richardson, 2nd Mate Andrew Gilling, Steward & Cook Edward Head, and seamen Volkert […]

Zebulon Pike’s 1806 Expedition

By | Jul 15, 2013

After The United States under President Thomas Jefferson completed what is known as the Louisiana Purchase, the government found it necessary to explore the region. The most commonly known expedition to explore the vast ‘purchase’ is the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It wasn’t the only one. Perhaps just as important was the Pike’s expedition, which […]

The Chevy Corvette

By | Jun 30, 2013

In many ways June 30th is the birthday of what many men think as their Dream Car. It was on that day in 1953 when the first Corvette rolled off of the assembly line at the Flint Michigan Chevrolet Plant 39. In this production year only 300 Corvettes were built. The first two Corvettes off […]

The Chestertown Tea Party

By | May 23, 2013

Many are talking about the Tea Party who are in protest of the taxes as well as the size and policies of some of the Governments and Politicians of the United States, however this is about an annual non political Tea Party that is in memory of Revolutionary Times. During the 18th century the Maryland […]

Photography Tips for Beginners

By | Jan 15, 2013

A little over a year ago I decided to purchase a Digital SLR to take photojournalist pictures for my Tourism related sites for the Delmarva Peninsula. (ShoreToBeFun.com. Even though I did some photography when I was younger, this was the first time in over 20 years that I decided to return to it. Over the […]

News Items for December 10, 2012

By | Dec 10, 2012

You may recall that last year Hemy Neuman was convicted of the murder of Rusty Sneiderman outside a day car in Dunwoody Georgia. Neuman reportedly was having an affair with Sneiderman’s wife Andrea. Now Andrea Sneiderman is on trial as a conspirator in the murder. Friday was the last day for the defense to request […]

A Slow Race

By | Nov 28, 2012

The race had already been delayed, it was originally scheduled for November 2nd, and was rescheduled to be run on Thanksgiving day, November 28th. Of the 83 cars that had agreed to run the race only 6 made it to the starting line. Of these 6, two were powered by electric, the other four were […]

A Trip to Remember

By | Apr 10, 2012

It was on April 10, 1912 that the unsinkable Titanic left Southampton England on it’s maiden voyage in route to New York City. It crossed the English Channel to take on additional passengers at Cherbourg, France and again on the 11th at Queenstown (presently known as Cobh), Ireland. The night of April 14th was cold, […]

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