I Don’t Like Mondays

By | Jan 29, 2016

On Monday January 29, 1979 the day was starting as usual for Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California. Then all of a sudden shots rang out. They were coming from the house across the street. During the 6 hour shooting spree and standoff Principal Burton Wragg and head custodian Mike Suchar were killed. Eight […]

Bad Week for NASA

By | Jan 28, 2016

Yesterday I wrote about the fiery death of the first three NASA Astronauts to die in the United State’s quest for Space. I didn’t realize then how close together the three major Space Accidents actually occurred. The first happened on January 27, 1967 when afire in the command module sitting atop a Saturn IB rocket, […]

The Missing Spirit

By | Oct 31, 2015

The magician Harry Houdini became interested in the ‘spirit world’ after the death of his mother in 1913. He became involved in making contact with those who had died. He became more skeptical as he uncovered hoaxs and frauds by proclaimed mediums. During the early 1920’s he spend time debunking these hoaxs and frauds. He […]

Irish Traditions

By | Mar 17, 2015

St. Patrick is considered the Patron Saint of Ireland, but he was born in Britain. He was born near the end of the 4th Century to wealthy parents and was abducted by Irish Raiders and held in captivity in Ireland for 6 years. During this captivity he became a devote Christian. He is believed to […]

JFK Assassination, A Conspiracy?

By | Nov 22, 2013

Fifty years later there are still those who feel that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was not the crime of a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, but was a conspiracy. A conspiracy with Oswald as only one of the participants, even as one of several gunmen. When I first started looking in the assassination […]

The Mary Celeste

By | Nov 5, 2013

On November 5, 1872 the Mary Celeste set sail from New York harbor. It was loaded with 1,709 barrels of grain alcohol and bound for Genoa, Italy. The Captain was Benjamin S. Briggs with a crew of seven (First Mate Albert G. Richardson, 2nd Mate Andrew Gilling, Steward & Cook Edward Head, and seamen Volkert […]

Charlie’s Girls

By | Aug 10, 2013

The names Susan Atkins, Patricia Kernwinkel, Leslie Van Houton, Linda Kasabian and Lynette Fromme are ones that are always thought of when Charles Manson and his Family is discussed. But Manson had many followers and a lot of them were girls. The following is just six of Manson female followers, but they are not always […]

The Sins of Our Daughters

By | Mar 4, 2013

It seems that everyday we see young ladies do what many think are foolish things. Recently Miss Teen Delaware, Melissa M King, resigned due to the uncovering of a porn video that appear to have her performing in it. Even if it is her, what’s the big deal? Don’t we all do something that at […]

Still Here

By | Dec 21, 2012

It is now near the end of the day of December 12, 2012. The day that it was all going to end. So far things are still going on as it has up until now. It’s been a good day to watch the History Channel and watch all of the shows that have been made […]

It Happened Today – December 17

By | Dec 17, 2012

A Happy Birthday goes goes to Barry Livingston born this day in 1953. Barry played Ernie Douglas (the youngest brother) on the 1960’s TV series “My Three Sons”. The Aztec calendar stone, Mexica sun stone, Stone of the Sun (Spanish: Piedra del Sol), or Stone of the Five Eras, a large monolithic sculpture that was […]

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