By | Aug 20, 2012

In the early afternoon hours of August 20, 1804 Charles Floyd died. His death wasn’t lost in history though since he was a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and was the only member to die. In his journals Lewis wrote that, “We buried him on the top of the bluff Mile below a […]


By | May 8, 2012

Coca-Cola was first sold on May 8, 1886 at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. It was sold as a patent medicine for 5 cents. At the time carbonization was thought to good for heath. For the first few months only a few glasses were sold each day. The formula was created by John Sith Pemberton. […]

Who is Koo Stark

By | Apr 26, 2010

Every movie has scenes that are shot, but never make it to the final product. There are times when fans of the movie knows about the scenes, sometimes they even have seen the original script, and may even have a clear picture in their mind on what the scene and the characters look like. The […]

19th Century People

By | Mar 9, 2010

On March 7, 2010 Mary Josephine Ray died. To her friends and family Mary Ray was a special person. And had it not been for the fact that she was the oldest person living in the United States, she would still be unknown to many of us. When she died she was considered to be […]

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

By | Dec 20, 2009

Winter has arrived. If you don’t think that it has, just ask those in the Mid-Atlantic region who have had to shovel out from over a foot and a half of snow. Here are a few things to think about before it gets any deeper into winter. Is everything ready for winter? Has the furnace, […]

Weathering a Winter Storm

By | Dec 17, 2009

States and their counties are experiencing Budget problems. Snow removal may be one of those things that is delayed due to funding. Here are six tips for getting through the storm. 1) Have a flashlight, battery powered radio and clock. Make sure you also have plenty of fresh batteries to support these devices for a […]

To be Thankful

By | Nov 25, 2009

For many the Thanksgiving weekend begins. Everyone has something in their life to be able to utter the phase “Thanks”. Many of us have many. I will just simply put down my top ones. My Health This past spring I had a little scare. I had a spot of skin cancer on my back that […]

Flat Screen TVs and Our Kids

By | May 17, 2009

Reports are showing that as more families are replacing their old tube TVs with flat screens, and with it more children are being injured by having them fall on them. Flat screen TVs are lighter than tube TVs of the same size. Most of their weight falls in a couple of inch wide area with […]

Greening The Office

By | Dec 27, 2008

Follow The 3 R’s – Recycle, Reuse and Reduce Everything has a beginning and the simplest beginning to creating a greener office is to follow the 3 R’s. Some of the things that you can do is; Recycle toner cartridges and paper. (Shreadded paper can be recycled too). Use mugs and cups that display your […]

Facts Relating to Substance Abuse

By | Apr 22, 2008

One out of every four deaths (that’s 1/4 or a quarter) in the United States can be attributed to alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drug use. By eighth grade, 52 percent of teenagers have consumed alcohol, 41 percent have smoked cigarettes, and 20 percent have used marijuana. For American women age 60 and over, substance abuse […]

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