An American Playwright – Eugene O’ Neill

By | Oct 16, 2017

I was talking with a old friend over the weekend. We had gone to college together in the late ’70s and had taken a number of Theater classes together. We were discussing historical people who we would like to possibly do for performance history. The subject came up because he was thinking of doing Abraham […]

Birth of Modern American Theatre

By | Feb 12, 2017

100 years ago American Theatre was much different than it is today. It was still in the throngs of the late 19th century which saw very few original plays but instead produced long runs of a single, popular plays that popular performers took on tour.

The Schnozzola

By | Feb 10, 2017

Nearly everyone knows him as the voice of the narrator of the classic Christmas cartoon Frosty the Snowman. Jimmy Durante was the voice and at the time he was near the end of a career that lasted for nearly 70 years. James Francis Durante was born on February 10, 1893 in Brooklyn, New York. Durante […]

The Broadway Tradition

By | Jun 28, 2013

The first American Theatre Wing award to celebrate excellence in the theatre was held on Easter Sunday April 6, 1947. Eleven awards were presented in seven categories. There are presently 25 categories of awards, plus several special awards. The award was named for Antoinette Perry, an actress, director producer and the wartime leader of the […]

Rodgers and Hart

By | May 17, 2013

Richard Rodgers is perhaps the greatest American musical composer. His greatest fame came with his work with Oscar Hammerstein II and the many musicals they were involved with in the mid 20th Century. The Sound Of Music, Oklahoma, South Pacific and many more. But Rodgers had been a successful composer long before his work with […]

A Dancer is Born

By | Jun 23, 2012

Robert Louis Fosse was born on June 23, 1927 in Chicago. He was the youngest of six children. Fosse moved to Hollywood with the ambition of being a dancer in movie musicals. In 1953 he found himself choreographing a sequence in Kiss Me Kate. Because of premature balding he was limited in the roles he […]

About the Musical Rent

By | Aug 12, 2011

The music Rent is back on Broadway after being absent for nearly three years. 6 things about the musical Rent was first posted on July 25, 2007 and has been slightly updated Rent, written by Jonathan Larson is based on Giacomo Puccini’s classic 1896 opera, La Boheme. It tells the story of struggling young artists […]

Do You Think You’re What They Say You Are?

By | Apr 3, 2010

The story of the last seven days of Jesus was turned into a musical by the team Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The soundtrack, sometimes called a Rock Opera, appeared on an album originally, in part because the producers were afraid to take a chance on producing in on stage due to the subject […]

The Final Collaboration

By | Nov 17, 2009

Prior to his collaboration with Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers worked with Lorenz Hart. Their final collaboration was the revival of their A Connecticut Yankee. The show included six new songs by the team and opened on November 17, 1943. The show ran for 135 performances closing on March 11, 1944. The show was based […]

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