About 6 Things to Consider

In life people don’t stop learning. A good day is when you learn something new.

I will pick a topic and discover 6 things about it. Really though it’s nothing more than taking a random topic and writing 6 paragraphs.

How often will they come? Originally when I started it in 2016 I was trying to post one 6 times a week. And for a while I did try to keep it at that. Many things kept that from happening. Things such as life tend to change plans.

Currently there are just shy of 1000 posts. With 1000 sure to be hit before Summer arrives.

Presently I suppose it’ll be a couple of times a week.

Some of the things may be information I already know. Others will just be things I find interesting. Hopefully you’ll find it informative enough to come back often.

My hopes are that you will learn something by reading this and take these little pieces of information and then go off to discover more about the topic. At times all we need is a slight nudge and off we go.

Leave a comment if you like. Ask a question. Suggest a topic.

So for now this is:
6 Things to Consider

Updated: January 7, 2016

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