About the Author

Steven G. (Steve) Atkinson is a Technology Consultant, web author/developer and community supporter based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland part of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Is the owner and chief consultant of E-S Technology Consulting. The website for his company is at ES Technology Consulting. You can email him at sga@estechnologyconsulting.com.

Has major concerns dealing with small to mid-sized businesses getting correct technology and makes an effort to inform them. Regularly he publishes Tech Tips at SMBTechnologyTips.com.

Was born in August of 1958.

Has produced a website for ways in saving energy: MoreThanSwitchingOfftheLights.com – Common Sense Ways to Save Energy.

As well as ones devoted to the Delmarva Peninsula: DelmarvaUSA.com, ShoreToBeFun.com and DelmarvaGifts.com.

Has available a Self-Published book titled: Technology Tips for Small Business available wherever books are sold. Along with other Self-Published titles available on lulu.com.


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