King George III

By | Sep 22, 2017

United States history shows King George III as the tyrant ruler of the American Colonies that first taxed them without representation, then forced them to house the military that was sent to the colonies to bring order and the King that they fought to win their independence. History does show him as a king who ruled long, but not without problems.

George III was born George William Frederick on June 4, 1738. He was born two months premature and was thought unlikely to survive. Survive he did becoming a shy but healthy child.

George III coronation as King was on September 22, 1761. He became king when his Grandfather King George II died on October 25, 1760. George II father Frederick had died in 1751 leaving him as first in line since all of George’s other children were girls. His reign ended with his death on January 29, 1820 passing the crown to his son George IV.

As with any ruling person his popularity rode a roller coaster of ups and downs. He was very popular at the beginning of his reign and then again during the first decade of the 19th century. Between them he had periods, that as the Americans stated in 1776, as being a tyrant.

His life was filled of periods that can be considered mental illness. When his life ended the leadership of the kingdom had been under regent rule for nine years and he was blind with cataracts and living in isolation in Windsor Palace permanently insane.

George III lived for 81 years and 239 days and reigned for 59 years and 96 days. Both of which were longer than any of his predecessors. His granddaughter Queen Victoria exceeded his reign on the anniversary of his coronation in 1896 and Elizabeth II has lived longer.


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