The Duck Almost as Famous as a Mouse

By | Jul 9, 2017

When he first appeared in the Disney Silly Symphonies cartoon short The Wise Little Hen on June 9, 1934 he may not have been the character as we know him today. But it was the first appearance of Donald Duck.

The 1934 Donald had not become the Donald as we know him today, but even though features did change he was in his blue sailor suit and hat and exhibited a bit of a temper.

While July 9th is officially Donald’s birthday, it was twice mention that his birth was on a 13th. In the 1944 film The Three Caballeros his birthday is given as “Friday the 13th” and in the short Donald’s Happy Birthday his birthday is March 13.

Donald’s nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, would make their first animated appearance in the April 15, 1938 film, Donald’s Nephews. They had already appeared as characters in the comic strip featuring Donald Duck.

By the 1940s Donald was as popular as Mickey Mouse. A 1938 poll showed him as being more popular. Even though they were originally shown as partners it became obvious that Donald wanted to be the Super Star. All in jest it has created a rivalry that maintains even to this day.

All in all Donald Duck doesn’t look to bad for celebrating his 83th Birthday. Happy Birthday Donald.


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