Maryland Day

By | Mar 25, 2017

Maryland formally recognizes March 25th, as the day of its founding. It was on that day in 1634 that the first settlers sent by Cæcilius Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore established the first settlement in land chartered to the Calvert’s.

When those first settlers arrived there were already pockets of settlers on lands that would become Maryland. In August of 1631 William Claiborne, a resident of the Virginia colony of Jamestown, founded a settlement near the southern end of the the largest island of the Chesapeake Bay. The trading post bore his name and was established with the purpose of trading with Native Americans. He named the island Kent Island after his birthplace of Kent, England.

Mathias de Sousa listed in records as a Mulatto was of probable African and Portuguese descent. He was one of nine indentured servants at that settlement. His indenture service ended in 1638 and he became a full free member of the colony becoming a mariner and fur trader. As a freeman he was allowed to participate and vote in the colonial assembly.

Most people know that the Mason/Dixon line is the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. It is also the the border between Maryland and Delaware. In the mid 1760’s when Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon performed the survey to resolve the border dispute between the two Colonies, Delaware was still considered to be part of Pennsylvania.

Maryland has two official sports. Jousting became the official sport in 1962. In 2004 lacrosse became the official team sport in Maryland. Lacrosse is a native North American sport with its origins coming from a game played by native tribes.

The Smith Island Cake was designated as Maryland’s official dessert in 2008. The Smith Island Cake is a multi-layered (8-15) cake with icing between each thin layer. The most common flavor is yellow cake with chocolate icing, but there are many variations.


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