40 Years Gone

By | Jun 10, 2016

This past weekend I attended the graduation ceremony at the High School where I graduated. I attended it as a reporter, not as a guest of a graduate. But as I was watching the graduates walk across the stage to receive their diplomas it hit me that 40 years ago I was one of those young innocent youths.

When I think back on it, it sure doesn’t feel like it’s been 40 years. I, most of the time, don’t feel 40 years older. Other times, well that’s a different story. As we get ready for our 40th reunion later this summer I wonder where the time went.

Life is so much different than it was in 1976. Gerald Ford was President and Jimmy Carter was running against him. And it was going to be my first time to vote. Which at the time it was only the second presidential election where those at the tender age of 18 was eligible to vote for the nation’s leader. Since then there has been 9, this year makes 10, Presidential Elections. With 7 men (counting Ford) as our President. And this year it’s possible that the next President may be a woman.

Technically the Internet existed, but only for specialized function mostly used by the Military and some universities. Now it would seem we can’t exist without instant communications. Then it was the house phone and when you rang a friend you hoped they were home to get your call. There were Car Phones, but again for very specialized services. When you said Apple, you thought of the fruit or maybe the record company created by the Beatles. The computer company was just a few months old.

Even transportation was different. Many young men had a love affair with their cars. Even more than with the girl they were dating. Maybe that’s not all that different, some guys still have that old hot rod to take out for a ride to show off at a Car Show.

Where will these students be in 40 years? I imagine some will be watching as a child, or grandchild graduates, perhaps at the same High School they did, and wonder like me where the days have gone.

The Kent County High School (Maryland) Class of '16 celebrating their graduation. Photo: SG Atkinson

The Kent County High School (Maryland) Class of ’16 celebrating their graduation. Photo by SG Atkinson


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