American Idol Money Makers

By | Jan 7, 2016

The last season of American Idol debuted last night. I didn’t watch it and I probably won’t until they get down to the actual competition rounds. I have found in the past that the Judges rounds are often funny, but also often don’t show much of the competition finalist.

This posting though is about former American Idol contestants and their 2015 Money making stats. According to Forbes in 2013 and 2014 Carrie Underwood held the top spot of former American Idol constants. This year she fell to second. But at 8 Million that’s nothing to be ashamed of and I’m sure it just adds to the her lifetime totals. As I’m sure she keeping to Simon’s prediction of being the American Idol constant to sell the most albums.

This year’s highest paid Idol Contestant didn’t even win in his season. Adam Lambert came in top with 10 Million. Touring with Queen was a great help for sure. But many felt he was cheated out of victory. I tend to agree.

Arguably one of the most successful contestants other than Underwood is Idol’s first winner Kelly Clarkson. She was tired for 5th this year with Scotty McCreery with 4 million.

3rd and 4th money 2015 Idol money makers are Chris Daughtry with $6 million and Phillip Phillips at $5 million.

So since there is a chance that one can make a very profitable career after American Idol, I wish each of those who tired out for the last season, Good Luck. And who knows someone from this season could become more successful than any other American Idol contestant.


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