Great Science Fiction Authors

By | Oct 24, 2015

Issac Asimov’s – Foundation
It has been said that Issac Asimov was the greatest of the authors during the Golden Age of Science Fiction – From the end of the 2nd World War to the 1970’s. Who am I to disagree? While I personally like his Robot series better, The Foundation trilogy (three first books) and the Foundation series (all seven) are often regarded as the greatest set of Science Fiction literature ever produced. And he actually tied in the Robot series and Foundation before his death.

Robert Heinlein was another of those Golden Age authors. Many today think that they are too extreme, but isn’t good fiction of any type somewhat extreme.

Frank Herbert – Dune
It may have come out at the end of the Golden Age, and been carried on in modern time, but Dune is another of those great series.

Ray Bradberry – Martian Chronicles
What top list of Science Fiction author’s wouldn’t include Ray Bradberry.

Arthur Clarke – 2001
Without Clarke’s 2001 and the movie that was made from it, there may not be any modern Science Fiction movies.

Others that could be added to this list is are HG Wells, Jules Verne, Phillip Dick, Edgar Rice Burroughs and even Mary Shelly. Frankenstein is sometimes thought of as the first Science Fiction novel.


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