Eight Years Ago

By | Dec 10, 2014

I slightly missed the anniversary. Eight years ago on November 26, 2006 the first “6 Things Consider” was posted. It was just a simple post called “When Starting a Web Log (Blog)”

Even though there hasn’t been that many new posts in the past couple of years, I do periodicity come back to this blog and post. This was my first and in a way still a favorite.

I know I have made this statement before but, looking forward to 2015 I will attempt to add more new posts. My goal will be at least one new one, along with updating an old one, at least once a week.

Looking at my stats it would appear that I use to have a fairly regular readership. Numbers have faded. I’m sure that’s because the postings have been irregular at best. I’m hoping that some of those who use to be regular readers come back, and that a new fan base is created.

I have also expanded my photography and I’m thinking that I’ll also add a photograph a week. Does a photograph equal 6 paragraphs? I would think it would.

In advance I will Thank You for reading.

Photo: Sandy's Aftermath by SG Atkinson, SGAtkinson.com


Thank You for Reading

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