The Washington Monument

By | Dec 6, 2013

On December 6, 1884, after 36 years of off and on construction, the Washington Monument in Washington DC was completed. The Washington National Monument Society laid the monument’s cornerstone on Independence Day in 1848. Funding was lost and construction set idle for 24 years until 1876 when President Ulysses S. Grant authorized the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to finish the project.

The Washington Monument in DC is not the only Washington Monument. There are two in the state of Maryland. The monument that was erected by citizens of Boonesboro in Federick County, Maryland in 1927 was the first Washington Monument. Located atop South Mountain this Washington Monument is a Maryland State Park

There is also the Washington Monument in Baltimore, Maryland. This monument designed by Robert Mills, who also designed the one in DC, features a 178-foot-high column and was completed in 1829.

In Union Square, New York City sits a statue of Washington atop a house. This monument was modeled by Henry Kirke Brown and unveiled in 1856. It was the first public sculpture erected in New York City since 1770.

At the military academy in West Point sits a bronze replica of the Union Square statue. This was dedicated in 1916.

In Philadelphia, the city where he spent most of his days as President, there is the Washington Monument fountain, commissioned and designed by sculptor Rudolf Siemering, sitting in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This sculpture, which also has Washington sitting atop a horse, was dedicated in 1897.


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