The Nu Project

By | Oct 30, 2013

In 2006 Matt Blum began a photographic project called the Nu Project. Matt is a freelance photographer based in Minneapolis and works with Katy Kessler, who is also a freelance photographer, a copywriter and editor. Katy is also Matt’s wife.

The Nu Project mission is pretty simple, “a nude portraiture project which showcases the beauty in every body.” (See full mission statement below). Isn’t it the case that too often that a minority, but yet vocal, society dictates what it’s view of beauty is? But Matt attempts and succeeds in showing that real beauty comes in with the ordinary everyday person.

Matt says, “I began shooting with non-models because it made sense–at the time there was nothing else out there where non- models were treated as beautifully as women who model professionally. I sought out women of every body shape and size, because it was more of a challenge and more engaging to me, as an artist. It just happened to prove that there is beauty in every body. My work with this project is to get out of the way of the image and let the story be told. The Nu Project has developed over many years and exists in its current form because of many willing participants, a strong editor, and because I love to work with people who have both confidence and vulnerability.”

Matt is trying to fund a trip to Europe to continue the project with plans to visit Spain, Portugal, Germany and Denmark. He’s plans are to fund this trip from the sale of the book.

As a new photographer, Matt’s project has given me the idea to start my own project. I call it Blemishes of Life. Over the course of life the human body will be blemished. It is a fact of life. For many of us these blemishes are what makes us what we are. The idea behind my project is to show and honor these blemishes not as a defect, but as part of life.

Mission Statement:
The Nu Project is a nude portraiture project which showcases the beauty in every body. The mission of the project is to build an archive of nude photography of women around the world and to be a resource for
beauty, self-love and body positivity.

Through photography, we strive to tell stories about the lives, homes, bodies, loves, losses, fears and triumphs of our participants. The Nu Project is centered around the commitment to non-exploitative, volunteer-based imagery. We strive to present each participant with respect. Though we encourage participants to write testimonials if they wish, we believe the images speak for themselves.

Matt Blum’s Contact info
Matt Blum Photography
700 Washington Ave. N #214
Minneapolis, MN 55401
United States of America

Twitter: @TheNuProject


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