By | Oct 31, 2013

Halloween, or as it’s called in Ireland the Hallow E’en, means All Hallows Eve.  It’s the night before the ‘All Hallows’. This day is also called ‘All Hallowmas’, or ‘All Saints’, or ‘All Souls’ Day and is observed on November 1. The word ‘Hallow’ means ‘sanctify’ in Old English. All Hallows Day was observed by  […]

The Nu Project

By | Oct 30, 2013

In 2006 Matt Blum began a photographic project called the Nu Project. Matt is a freelance photographer based in Minneapolis and works with Katy Kessler, who is also a freelance photographer, a copywriter and editor. Katy is also Matt’s wife. The Nu Project mission is pretty simple, “a nude portraiture project which showcases the beauty […]

The Fabulous Fanny Brice

By | Oct 29, 2013

Fania Borach was born in New York City on October 29, 1891. If the name Fania Borach is not familar, perhaps you’ll know her stage name, Fanny Brice. The Broadway show and movie Funny Girl starring Barbra Streisand was loosely based on her career. Brice is known for two songs she performed during the 1920s. […]

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