Charlie’s Girls

By | Aug 10, 2013

The names Susan Atkins, Patricia Kernwinkel, Leslie Van Houton, Linda Kasabian and Lynette Fromme are ones that are always thought of when Charles Manson and his Family is discussed. But Manson had many followers and a lot of them were girls. The following is just six of Manson female followers, but they are not always the first names to be recalled.

Mary Brunner
Mary Brunner could be seen as a very unlikely follower of Manson. Unlike many of the other girls she was 23 when she first met Manson in 1967. She was educated and had a steady job, but once she met Manson her life changed. She left her job to travel around California with Manson. In April of 1968 she gave birth to a son, Valentine Michael Manson, who was fathered by Manson. Earlier in the day of August 9, 1969 she along with Sandra Good was arrested at a Sears store for using stolen credits cards and was in a jail when the Murders occurred. After Manson’s conviction she along with other Family members, as part of a plan to have Manson freed, robbed a Western Surplus store. Brunner was arrested, tired and convicted and served a prison term of six years. After her release she regained custody of the child, severed all ties with Manson and disappeared into society.

Catherine Gillies
Catherine “Cappy” Gillies joined the Family in 1968. Her birth date is reported as being on August 1, 1950 so she would have been around 18. Her Grandmother owned Myers Ranch, which was next to Barker Ranch. The Family used both ranches as a home during 68 and 69. She was one of the followers who camped outside of the courthouse. After the convictions she may have joined a motorcycle gang.

Sandra Good
Sandra Good, known as Sandy and Blue, joined the family in 1968 and she was the one who found Spahn Ranch for the Family use. At the time of the Murders she was 8 months pregnant and gave birth to a son, Ivan, on September 16, 1969. Could Manson have been the father? It’s possible but most think the father was Joel Pugh,who may have been Good’s husband. Along with Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme she may be the best remembered of Charlie’s Girls that were not tried for the Murders. She has maintain her support for Manson through the years and continues to claim that Manson had nothing to do with the Murders.

Dianne Lake
Dianne Lake was one of the youngest members of the Family. She met Manson in 1967 when she was just 14. She was the child of hippies and by the age of 13 she was already involved with drugs, LSD, and experiences in group sex. She had a note given to her by her parents that she was allowed to be roaming California with Manson. She was nicknamed ‘Snake’ although there is some question on whether the name came from the way she performed sex or because of a story she told about a snake. She was beaten and abused though out her time with Manson. At the beginning of the 70s she was so strung out on LSD that she needed treatment. She was taken under the wing of Jack Gardiner, a police officer, and his wife and went back to school and lives a happy life.

Ruth Ann Moorehouse
Ruth Ann Moorehouse met Manson through her father, Deane Moorehouse. Manson, along with Mary Brunner and Squeaky Fromme, was hitchhiking and was picked up by Deane Moorehouse in 1967. Deane Moorehouse invited the group to his house and became a friend to Manson. Manson and the 14 year old Ruth Ann grew to like one another a lot and she took off with them and she not only was one of the youngest of Manson’s Girls, she was one of his longest followers. She was involved in what has been termed “the LSD Hamburger incident”. During the trial the Family tried to convince Barbara Hoyt not to testify against Manson. They gave her a trip to Hawaii. Ruth Ann Morehouse went as well. One day, as Moorehouse was leaving Hawaii to return to LA she laced a hamburger that Hoyt ate with 10 tabs of LSD.

Catherine Share
Catherine Share was known as Gypsy perhaps because she was born in Paris and not the United States. She came to the Family as the girlfriend of Bobby Beausoleil. She was one of the oldest of Manson’s Girls and like most of them she was in love with him. During the trial she came up with a tale that the Murders were conceived not by Manson, but the star witness Linda Kasabian as a copy cat murder of Gary Hinman. Beausoleil was in prison for that murder. After the conviction she was one of the group that robbed the Western Supply store. The robbery resulted with a shootout with the police and she is said to have fired the first shot. She served 5 years in prison for this.

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