The Great Hurricane of 1933

By | Aug 21, 2013

1933 had a very active summer for hurricanes.  By mid-August there had already been 7 recorded storms with one of them turning into a hurricane.  Beginning on August 17th a storm was detected northeast of the Leeward Islands.  When the center of the storm made landfall of the United States over Norfolk, Virginia as a […]

Ruth Hits 500

By | Aug 11, 2013

The New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians were playing a ball game in Cleveland on August 11, 1929. In the game Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig hit home runs. For Gehrig it was his 27th of the season. For Ruth it was his 500th in his career, becoming the first person to reach a […]

Charlie’s Girls

By | Aug 10, 2013

The names Susan Atkins, Patricia Kernwinkel, Leslie Van Houton, Linda Kasabian and Lynette Fromme are ones that are always thought of when Charles Manson and his Family is discussed. But Manson had many followers and a lot of them were girls. The following is just six of Manson female followers, but they are not always […]

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