The Chevy Corvette

By | Jun 30, 2013

In many ways June 30th is the birthday of what many men think as their Dream Car. It was on that day in 1953 when the first Corvette rolled off of the assembly line at the Flint Michigan Chevrolet Plant 39. In this production year only 300 Corvettes were built.

The first two Corvettes off of the line are not thought to have survived so the third serial number E53F001003 is thought to be the oldest production Corvette. In 2006 it was purchased at an auction in Scottsdale Arizona for One Million dollars.

There has been six generation of Corvettes. The first was in production from 1953 until 1962. The second generation called the Corvette Sting Ray was in production from 1963 until 1967. From 1968 until 1982 the third generation Corvette was in production. The 1983 model year was skipped and in 1984 lasting until 1996 was the fourth generation. The fifth lasted until 2004 when it was replaced with the current series which is ending with the seventh generation scheduled to begin in 2014.

When Mattel introduced their Hot Wheels model cars in 1968, the 1968 Corvette was one of the 16 cars. In fact the Hot Wheels model of the new Corvette was available before the car.

542,741 of the third generation and perhaps the most recognizable Corvette were produced. 1976 was the last year of the Sting Ray emblem and in 1978 for its 25th Silver anniversary 6,502 of the Indy 500 pace car version were produced. One for each of the Chevrolet dealers in the US.

Today the plant building the Corvette is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They have been built there since 1981. 16,956 were manufactured in 2009.

A lineup of corvette at a recent classic car cruise night in Rock Hall, MD.  Photograph by Steven G. Atkinson

A lineup of Corvettes at a recent classic car cruise night in Rock Hall, MD. Photograph by Steven G. Atkinson


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