Does Social Media Make Us Do Dumb Things?

By | Feb 26, 2013

It seems that everyday we hear about a celebrity or society figure doing stupid things via facebook or twitter. This leads us to the question. Does social media make us do dumb things?

I don’t think that it’s directly related to social media. We all do stupid things at times, but usually it’s only those people with whom we are with that know about it.

What seems to happen is when we do those stupid things, usually at times when our thinking may be compromised, we decide to send it to our friends via facebook or twitter. And not only are our closest friends seeing it, so is anyone else who is linked into those accounts.

And once it’s out there, it can’t be erased. At least not totally. You can hide it on facebook, or delete it from twitter. But if someone had decided to download that picture with you jugging down that big drink before you hide or deleted it, they can re-post it. And from there it can go viral.

Then again I suppose some of these dumb things that celebrities do is put up and quickly taken down could be done just to generate publicity. For them even bad publicity can be good publicity, but if you are an alcohol counselor, that photo of you going drink wild is most likely a detriment.

It’s not so much the dumb things we do, it’s the dumb things that we proudly share and then regret that are dumb. And it’s only because social media is easy to use that make it seems as if social media makes us do dumb things.

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