Super Bowl XLVII Moments

By | Feb 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII is over and in my opinion it was one of the most interesting games I have watched in a number of years. It made it even better when the Baltimore Ravens and John Harbaugh was the winning brother. Here are 6 moments that could go down in Super Bowl history.

When it was announced that the Sandy Hook Choir and Jeniifer Hudson were singing “America the Beautiful” it was simply heart wrenching. The voices of the choir were perfect, and while Jennifer Hudson fit in perfectly, I at times thought that it would have been more fitting just to have the Sandy Hook Choir. This was followed by Alicia Key’s rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner”. While it may have been a bit slow, it was wonderful.

After the first quarter ended with the Ravens appearing to be on the way to a blow out it was time for The Halftime Show. I am not all that familiar with Beyonce, other than knowing I have heard a couple of her songs and that she was the leader of Density’s Child. I have wondered over the years why the concerts have become more about lights and flash than the singing and this show was a prime example. Her voice is wonderful and didn’t need all of the flash. And the reunion of Density’s Child rivaled the reunion of the Spice Girls during the Olympics.

Then it was time for The 2nd half kickoff and almost before you had a chance to blink Jacoby Jones decided to bring the ball out of the back of the end zone for a 108 yard touchdown which gave the Ravens a 22 point lead. It was the longest run for a touch down in Super Bowl history and tied for the longest in league history. I imagine a lot of people who had to get up early decided to go to bed.

Then after the 49ers got the ball back and was facing a 3rd and 13 the one thing that the game will always be remember about the game came. It was at this time that the lights went out in the Super Dome. The blackout lasted for nearly 40 minutes. I dubbed it as Penalty: Delay of Game – Super Dome.

But the delay changed the complexion of the game. Even though the 49ers failed to get a first down on the first play after the delay, they did come back. Did it throw the Ravens off stride. It seemed to since after the 49ers scored 17 unanswered points it became a close and exciting game. Of course to this Ravens fan I would have liked it to have continued to be a blow out.

While it will probably not be remember much, one of the most exciting plays of the game was the 2nd to last play. 12 seconds left on the clock and the Ravens ahead by 5 and getting ready to punt the ball to the 49ers from the end zone. Ravens Punter Sam Koch, who had already made a touchdown saving play on a punt return, received the ball and danced around in the end zone for 8 seconds before taking a safety. This left 4 seconds on the clock and in reality kept the 49ers offense for being able to make a Hail Mary end of the game play. Then Koch kicked the ball so deep into 49ers territory, i was a matter of seconds and a tackle to a Ravens Super Bowl victory.


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