Best Film of the Decade – 1910’s – 1960’s

By | Jan 23, 2013

While the Silent Film Era and the beginning of films actually started before 1910, in fact even before the the beginning of the 20th century, it really until the teens that the movies actually began to take shape. It’s now hard to determine the best film from this time since so many of them have been lost. But still there are plenty of Silent Films that have been preserved. My vote for the best from this period today is also possibly thought of as the most controversial. That being DW Griffin’s Birth of a Nation

This decade saw the end of Silent Films and the beginning of the Talkies. Therefore it wouldn’t be difficult to list The Jazz Singer as the best of the decade. But just because it changed film doesn’t place it as best. That should go to a film by Charlie Chapin. He was considered so much above the rest that the First Academy Awards removed his name from contention for any of the individual awards. He was given a special award. So many good ones, but let’s give it to The Gold Rush.

1939 was one of the greatest year for movies, and it shouldn’t be surprising that my choice comes from this year. Although many will probably pick Gone With the Wind, my pick is for the one that has probably been seen by just about everyone in the United States. That would be The Wizard of OZ

The 40’s has always been one of those period that nothing really stood out. Yes there were many fine films made during this period. So I decided to buck it all and just go with a low budget, but highly popular film by the comedy team of Abbott & Costello. Buck Privates. Love the songs in it by the Andrew Sisters.

The 40’s may have been the heyday of the Hollywood Musicals, but it was in the early 1950’s that two of the best musicals were released. Both by MGM and both starring the same actor, Gene Kelly. Those were An American in Paris and Singing in the Rain. An American in Paris may have won the Osacr for Best Picture, but it was Singing in the Rain that I rate as the best film of the 1950’s

So far none of the films I feel are the Best of the Decade were selected as Best Picture. Just goes to show that A Fan doesn’t always agree with the experts. And the 1960’s isn’t any different. My pick, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.


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