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By | Jan 22, 2013

About 15 years ago I was toying with the idea of creating lists of entertainment bests. The idea was for films (Movies), but I wasn’t thinking of leaving out Music or Television. This was before the Internet took off and way before blogs.

Even when I first started 6 Things to Consider, I still had the thought of From a Fan’s View in the back of my mind. Why I didn’t go with it at the time? I really don’t know. Possibly because the domain names were already in use. In fact even today they still are. (Note: On January 11, 2015 the domain was registered by me and is being directed to the posts that fall under the category A Fan’s View.)

But I think now is the time to bring this to life. Actually in a way I already have begun. I have done a number of posts near the end of last year relating to the Bond films.

Most of the list that I had thought about putting together would have been Top 10 lists. (Such as the top 10 influential Films, Actors, Actress, or Directors) That doesn’t fit the 6 Things profile, and I don’t think it’d be fair to list just a Top 6. So even though it will still be 6 Things to Consider, I will at times have a top 10 list.

One of the lists I created was the Best Film of the Decade From a Fan’s View. Starting during the first two decades of the Silent Era (1910’s & 20’s) and continuing to 2009.

The whole idea behind From a Fan’s View is that Fans do not always agree with the critics.


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