Photography Tips for Beginners

By | Jan 15, 2013

A little over a year ago I decided to purchase a Digital SLR to take photojournalist pictures for my Tourism related sites for the Delmarva Peninsula. ( Even though I did some photography when I was younger, this was the first time in over 20 years that I decided to return to it. Over the past few months I have decided to take photography lessons. There are plenty of good lesson on YouTube. Now I’ve decided to relay the tips I think are best. At least for me.

It’s not the quality of your camera, but the quality of your lens. If the choice is between the cost of a better camera body or a better lens, get the lens.

Think about taking the best shot that you can with the camera and not that the picture can be fixed in processing. I heard this termed as Crop in the Camera and not with software.

Learn the Rules, but don’t be afraid to break them. In general you have to take the pictures as you like them, not as some professional trainer has told you it should be done. But knowing the rules is always the best starting point.

The best time to take pictures outside is just before and just after sundown. It has to do with the light. It’s not to harsh, but enough to make good pictures. A cloudy day is also better than a sunny day.

The biggest one is, Get Out and Take Pictures.


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