Adam West as Batman

By | Jan 12, 2013

It was on January 12, 1966 that Adam West debut in the William Dozier and Greenway Productions of Batman. The show debuted on ABC TV and appeared as two 1/2 hour episodes each week. The first episode featured the villain The Riddler, played by Frank Gorshin. I was but a seven year old boy when it debuted, but I was glued to the TV each week for those two episodes.

Along with Adam West the show starred Burt Ward as Robin. As a 7 year old, although I would pretend to be Batman, I felt close to Robin. The narrator was played by an uncredited William Dozier.

The show last in total for three season. The first two followed the same two episodes a week format. The third once a week and it also introduced Bat Girl. The first season had a total of 34 episodes, the second had 60 with the third with only 26.

Between the first and second season, the cast made a Batman movie. The movie was quickly made (April 25 and May 31, 1966 at an estimated cost of $1,377,800) and was released in the theaters on July 30, 1966. All of the characters were played by the same actors as in the TV series other than Catwoman was played by Lee Meriwether. Julie Newmar returned to play Catwoman in the second season, but it was Eartha Kitt who played her in the third.

The show was cancelled after the third season. But there was an offer from NBC to pick-up the series, even to return it to the twice a week format. However, that offer was only good if the sets had not been taken apart. Since they had been NBC retracted their offer.

The show would live on in reruns. I imagine that somewhere it is still being show. It will forever live in my memory.


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