Letting the Flu Flew By

By | Jan 10, 2013

As I am sure you have heard, since it’s all over the news, it is flu season. By the end of the season I am hoping that the flu will flew by me without it hitting me. Hoping it does the same for you and maybe it will if you do the following.

Get the Flu Shot. It’s a myth that you can get the flu by getting the shot and they are saying that this year’s shot is effective in preventing what’s going around this year.

Wash your hands. An easy way to stay healthy. Keeping your hands clean is a good way to not spread grems either to others or from others.

Relax. Relaxation helps the immune system.

For employers, let your sick employees stay home until their fever is gone for 24 hours. If they come to work, it may be better to send them home to prevent the spread the flu to others.

If you do get the flu take flu antiviral drugs if your doctor prescribes them. These are not antibiotics and are best when taken within a couple of days.


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