Becoming a Teenager

By | Dec 31, 2012

Tomorrow the century will become a teenager when the year 2013 begins. Obviously there will be twelve 13’s in 2013, but there will not be a 13/13/13 since there are only 12 months in the year.

There will be 12 X/13/13 as well as an 11/12/13.

What will the 13 bring? There will be two Friday the 13th, but we have to wait until September for the first one with the second being in December.

The 13th will also fall on Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday twice in 2013.

Sunday’s 13th are January and October, February and March will have their 13th on Wednesday while it’ll be Saturday the 13th in April and July.

Every day of the week will have at least one 13th, Monday in May and on Thursday in June.


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