The End – Maybe or Maybe Not

By | Dec 20, 2012

This may be the last posting or maybe it’s not. It all depends on what happens on 12/21/12. It will be the day that the Mayan Calendar ends and many people are thinking that it will be the end of the world.

Over the course of history there has been many prophesies of the end of the earth. There was even thought that last week on 12/12/12 could be the end of the world. Obviously that wasn’t the case since we are still here.

The Maya calendar consists of several cycles or counts of different lengths. One of these is 260 days, although there is no common thought on why this was one of the cycles other than it could be the life cycle of the newborn (it’s about 260 days from conception to birth) or it could be the growing season. Another is called the Haab which is the 365 day year. A third consisting of 52 Haabs is called the Calendar Round.

But it is the Long Count Calendar of bak’tuns’, which is around 395 years long and there are only 13 of these in their calendar, that brings us to the end. Most archaeologists agree that the beginning date of the thirteen baktuns of the Long Count was the day we would now call August 11, 3114 BC.

The Long Count Calendar is also made up of a system of five cycles – kins (a day), winals (20-days), tuns (360 days), k’atuns (20 tuns), and bak’tuns (20 k’atuns). Looking at most of these being a cycle of 20, to me it would make more sense for the Long Count calendar to end after 20 bal-tuns or in another 7 bal’tuns or around 2750 years.

As for me I think it’s just the end of a calendar cycle and the beginning of another. No different than when December turns over to January and 2012 turns over to 2013 or 1999 turned over to 2000.


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