Review – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

By | Dec 15, 2012

When I was first introduced to the universe of JRR Tolkien and Middle-Earth it was through a box set of four books. Those books were the three volume Lord of the Rings and the prequel, The Hobbit. As many have, I read The Hobbit first and then read the Lord of the Rings. And as many have felt I have a hard time envisioning that the two stories lived in the same universe. Even today reading the two I have that problem. But after seeing the first of the three films of the Hobbit, I can see that they are a part of one.

I am glad to see that Peter Jackson and his team that did Lord of the Rings are back for the prequel. I am thinking that had they not been back, the way that the two series of films are meshing together would not have happened.

I saw the film at 24 fps so I can’t get into whether seeing it at 48 fps is different. I did see it in 3-D, amazingly this is the first 3-D film I saw in the theatre. It really didn’t seem to need the 3-D, so I would recommend that if you want to save a few dollars, go ahead and see it in 2-D.

I know it’s being said that Jackson is adding a lot of materials from other sources of Tolkien’s universe, but there isn’t all that must added in this, the first of the three films. Most of what I saw added was at the beginning with Frodo and an older Bilbo getting ready for the party that opens the Lord of the Rings and how Bilbo came to write those famous words, ‘In a hole in the ground lived a Hobbit’. The beginning also tells the story of how the dragon Smaug displaces the Dwarves from their home under the mountain. There is also a bit about the Necromancer and that he may be Sauron returning.

I’m not one to think that adding from the universe of Tolkien is a bad thing. Amazingly the movie ended at the same sport where I predicted it would. But that was when it still was being thought as a two movie series and not three. I am thinking that the extra scenes, at least I hope it’s extra and not just a drawn out story, will be in the next two.

Is it an Oscar contender as were all three of the Lord of the Ring films? It may be, but I would be greatly surprise if it does. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend the film. It should be added to your ‘to see’ list. And I will in line to see the next one as soon as possible after its release.


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