Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By | Dec 13, 2012

Even though my youngest child (also my oldest since he’s an only child) graduated from High School in 2008 I am still a big supporter of the Public School System. In fact I am still involved in my son’s High School PTSA as their scholarship chair. The school also happens to be mine too. Go Class of ’76. I love this time of year with the holiday programs.

Sometimes you will hear a clank note or the drums may be a be too loud, but watching the kids enjoying themselves performing for their parents and neighbors always brings a smile. And I’m not the only one. Next time when you go to school concert or program take a look at the smile on the face of the person sitting next to you.

It may be the proud parent. Or most likely the proud grandparent. Parents sometimes can be critical of their child’s performance, but that hardly ever happens with the grandparents. They just love to see their grandchildren and are proud, no matter what.

The same goes with the teachers. They have probably seen a shy young person go from being simply terrible to being not only much improved, but pretty good. They can be critical too though. Especially if they feel as if the child could be better if they would only spend a bit more time practicing than wasting time.

I have been going to a lot of the High School sports events at my old high school during the past few months. You can see the same thing there. Parents complain about the calls of the referees. But usually not the grandparents.

Yes I really do think that December is the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you enjoy performances by kids.


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