It Happened Today – December 11th

By | Dec 11, 2012

Cartoonist Peter Bagge celebrates his 55th Birthday today.

Indiana become the 19th United State in 1816.

In 1936 – Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American-born divorcee. The Duke of York, his brother, became King George VI. This led the way for Elizabeth to become Queen.

The United Nations General Assembly created the The United Nations Children’s Fund, commonly known as UNICEF. It was then called the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund and was created to assist in giving food and healthcare to children in counties that had suffered greatly during WWII. In 1954 the name was shorten.

In 1972 Apollo 17 becomes the sixth and last Apollo mission to land on the Moon. Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt would be the last men to walk on the moon.

Oldest Living Person on Wikipedia: English Actress Liz Smith who was born in 1921. Smith is best known for her role as Norma Speakman in the BBC comedy The Royle Family.

Editor’s Note:
Today would have been my father’s 81st birthday.


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