Best Bond Ever?

By | Nov 19, 2012

Last week with the American debut of the newest Bond film I wrote about what I considered to be the best Bond films that each of the actors who portrayed Ian Fleming’s 007. At the time I hadn’t seen “Skyfall” and selected “Casino Royale” as the best Bond film of Daniel Craig’s and mentioned that “Skyfall” could be his best. Now that I have seen it, I can officially make that statement.

Some are proclaiming it as the best Bond Film ever. I’m not quite ready to say that, but i will rank it up there as one of the top four. The other three, in my opinion, are Connerly’s “Thunderball” and “Goldefinger” along with Moore’s “The Spy Who Loved Me”

In other reviews I have heard that the music by Thomas Newman just isn’t right. In general i didn’t have any problem with the soundtrack. I would say that while I was watching it I expected a Bond riff in places where it wasn’t. But as I look back on the film, I can actually see why it may have been decided not to place the familiar Bond cues throughout the movie.

In many ways this could be considered a reboot of the series. I don’t want to give away the ending, but those who are fans of the series as written by Ian Fleming will be greatly surprised and pleased with the final minutes of the film.

One criticism I have with Daniel Craig’s Bond is that he appears too non-emotional. Even though in theory he is a cold-hearted killer, in the books and films he has at times show emotion. That was seen with his joking with Moneypenny or his love of old cars. Craig’s Bond so far hasn’t shown that. Maybe it’ll be brought out in the next film.

Which is one I am greatly looking forward to seeing, although I know right now it’s just a thought in the producers mind. At 50, Bond may have shown his age from time to time, but now he’s young again.


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