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By | Nov 10, 2012

With the third Bond movie featuring Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming’s famous spy James Bond now reaching world wide distribution, it’s time to look back on the six men who have played James Bond and what I consider is their best. So far for Craig, since I have not seen ‘Sky Fall” at the time of this writing, I consider his first “Casino Royal” as his best. With everything I have heard about it once I see “Sky Fall” that opinion may likely change.

Now on to the rest. I’ll start with George Lazenby. This of course is the easiest since he only did one. And even though I may be in the minority I also consider it the best of the Bond movies. That would be “On Her Majesty Secret Service”.

Timothy Dalton came on to play Bond in the late 1980’s and he was only around for two films. His second nearly caused the end of the Bond films. “License to Kill” in short was a bad film and other than having James Bond and gang as characters, in my opinion it wasn’t a Bond film at all. His first, “Living Daylights” was an OK Bond film, but still the best from Timothy Dalton.

Pierce Brosnan, who was thought to be the replacement for Roger Moore but couldn’t due to his unavailability and Dalton got the role, finally was able to become the fifth actor to play Bond with “Goldeneye” in 1995. “Goldeneye” was a good Bond film and helped to regenerate interest in Bond films. Brosnan went on to play Bond in a total of four films. It’s hard to pick a best since the caliber of all were nearly the same. Because it was the first, I will pick “Goldeneye” as Brosnan’s best.

Roger Moore played Bond in more movies than any other actor. He starred in seven between 1973 and 1985. By the end of his run, he was starting to look old for the part. So it’s not hard to think of his earlier films as the better ones. I consider “The Spy Who Loved Me” as one of the best Bond films and also the best for Roger Moore.

Some of the best Bond movies were done by the original Bond, Sean Connery. He played Bond in six films, the first five, stepping down for one (Lazenby’s “On Her Majesty Secret Service”) and returned for his sixth, “Diamonds are Forver”. Most, myself included, consider Connery the best Bond. Of all of the films the ones done by Connery are the closest to following the plots of Fleming’s novels. Beginning with Moore’s third “The Spy Who Loved me”, the films really only took their title from the novels. Anyway, what is Connery’s best? I can’t really decide between “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball”, so I’ll say both.


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