Goodbye November

By | Nov 30, 2012

Is it the end of November already? It seems as if a couple of days ago we were beginning the clean-up and getting somewhat back to normal after Sandy made her appearance at the end of October. For many that back to normalcy came on Halloween. For others they are still trying to get there. […]

A Slow Race

By | Nov 28, 2012

The race had already been delayed, it was originally scheduled for November 2nd, and was rescheduled to be run on Thanksgiving day, November 28th. Of the 83 cars that had agreed to run the race only 6 made it to the starting line. Of these 6, two were powered by electric, the other four were […]

Public Enemies

By | Nov 27, 2012

It amazes me thatthe gangsters of the 1930s, Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, and others are still popular culture icons. They sit in the same status as the outlaws of the old west. But since that time no one person or group of people have caught the continued awareness as these. Maybe […]

It’s an Anniversary

By | Nov 26, 2012

Believe it or not 6 Things to Consider is now 6 years old. The first posting, on was on November 26, 2006. It was a simple post post on Starting a Blog. Click Here, to read it. There has been good times, I was pretty reliable on posting new things during the first 3-4 […]


By | Nov 26, 2012

I won’t say that I have been hooked on the new NBC series “Revolution”, but I have seen every episode. Most of this thanks to NBC for putting the episodes on their Web site. This is a great way for alternative viewing. It seems as if many times by 10pm on Monday night I am […]

Woody Woodpecker

By | Nov 25, 2012

The cartoon character Woody Woodpecker first appeared in the film Knock Knock on November 25, 1940. Although Woody was a minor character in the film he stole the show and would soon be the leading character. This first feature was created by Walter Lantz’ animation studio and distributed by Universal Pictures. Walter Lantz and Ben […]

Earl Grey

By | Nov 23, 2012

Charles Grey was born on November 23, 1789. In 1806 he was named the first Earl Grey. His son also named Charles became the 2nd Earl Grey in 1807 upon his father’s death. The tea Earl Grey was named after the 2nd Lord Grey. Earl Grey tea is a black tea that has added to […]

The Pilgrims of Plymouth

By | Nov 22, 2012

During the first part of the 17th Century a group called the Separatists felt a need for a complete separation from the Church of England. They wanted to worship in a very simple manner without all of the ritual and symbols which were used in the Anglican Church. This group first went to Amsterdam and […]

A Thanksgiving Memory

By | Nov 20, 2012

I was born on the Delmarva Peninsula a little over 54 years ago. Nearly all of my Thanksgivings have been on the Peninsula and I have many Delmarva Thanksgiving memories. My favorite memories, which could be the same for most, are from my youth. I was raised on a farm own by my grandparents and […]

Best Bond Ever?

By | Nov 19, 2012

Last week with the American debut of the newest Bond film I wrote about what I considered to be the best Bond films that each of the actors who portrayed Ian Fleming’s 007. At the time I hadn’t seen “Skyfall” and selected “Casino Royale” as the best Bond film of Daniel Craig’s and mentioned that […]

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