Wolf Creek Pass

By | Aug 21, 2012

On August 21, 2012 Omni Recording Corporation will release the first album by the 1970’s recording artist C. W. McCall. This release of Wolf Creek Pass will be the first time that the debut album from one of the men credited with the creation of Trucker’s Music has been released on CD. Included on the CD will be most of the songs from his second album Black Bear Road, including the ever popular Convoy, and his third album Wilderness

C.W. McCall is the pseudonym of William Dale Fries, Jr. who in 1974 while working as an Ad Man created a television advertising campaign advertising Old Home Bread for the Metz Baking Company. The advertisements featured a truck driver named C. W. McCall. The popularity of the songs such as “Old Home Filler-Up an’ Keep on a-Truckin’ Café”, “Wolf Creek Pass” and “Black Bear Road” lead to the release of the first album.

While McCall’s songs would be considered County Music, he crossed over onto the Pop charts. His biggest single was Convoy which followed the adventures of a convoy of trucks and other vehicles, lead by Rubber Duck, traveling across the country. A few years later the song was made into a movie starring Kris Kristofferson.

Most of the songs done by CW McCall were written by Bill Fries (CW McCall) and Chip Davis, who formed Mannheim Steamroller during the same time, but it wasn’t until the 80’s when his ‘New Age’ music took off. However a touch of it can be heard in a couple of the songs of CW McCall especially in the song Aurora Borealis from Wilderness and included on the new CD.

Working with Chip Davis and Mannheim Steamroller Fries came back as C.W. McCall in 1990 with the release of The Real McCall: An American Storyteller which featured re-recording of many of the 70s songs as well as a new one about Alferd Packer, an alleged 19th century cannibal. Again in 2003 they joined together for the patriotic inspired American Spirit, in which Fries as McCall recorded a couple of spoken word pieces and new recording of Wolf Creek Pass and Convoy.

Fries, who is now 83, lives in Ouray, Colorado where he served as Mayor for 6 years beginning in 1988.


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