Rudolf Hess

By | Apr 26, 2012

Rudolf Hess, born April 26, 1894, can be considered one of Adolf Hitler’s many henchmen. In the early days of the Nazi Party as one of Hitler’s deputies he rose to the ranks of third in the German leadership behind Hitler and Hermann Göring.

On May 10, 1941 he left Germany suddenly for Scotland. His intention was to negotiate peace with the British a country in which he was not completely in favor of being in War.

Instead he was captured and imprison. Hess was declared insane by a bewildered Hitler, and effectively disowned by the Nazis.

He was tried at Nuremberg and in spite of his mental condition was sentenced to life in prison. He committed suicide on August 17, 1987 at age 92, the last of the prisoners tried at Nuremberg.

Although there are some who don’t believe he committed suicide. He was discovered with an electrical cord wrapped around his neck in a secure area of Spandau Prison. He also had severe arthritis in his fingers and needed assistance for small things such as tying his shoes.

Spandau Prison was constructed in 1876. After the end of World War II it was used to house the seven Nazi war criminals sentenced to imprisonment at the Nuremberg Trials. After the death of Hess it was demolished in 1987 in part to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine.


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