Songs Heard on the Titanic

By | Apr 12, 2012

After the Titanic stuck the iceberg and panic was all abound the band lead by Wallace H. Hartley played as the ship was sinking. The other member of the band were Fred Clarke, P.C. Taylor, G. Krins, Theodore Brailey, Jock Hume, J.W. Woodward and Roger Bricoux.

Here are a few of the songs that may have been played on the Titanic on its maiden and final voyage.

Maple Leaf Rag – 1899 written by Scott Joplin.
The song was one of his earliest works and he predicted that it would make him, “King of Ragtime composers.” In a time when sheet music sales gauged the popularity of a song, it became the first to sell over a million copies.

Alexander’s Ragtime Band – 1911 written by Irving Berlin.
This was one of his first major hits, and although it was about a ragtime band, the song has little of its characteristic features. The song celebrated the liveliness, spirit, and irresistible nature of ragtime and helped make Berlin a star songwriter. Many of the survivors of the Titanic recall hearing this song played on the night it sank.

In The Shadows
Music by Herman Finck, Words by E. Ray Goetz.

What was the last song that they played? Since none of them survived no one knows for certain, although through survivors accounts it is commonly agreed that the final song was either the hymn “Nearer my God to Thee,” or as Titanic’s junior wireless operator Harold Bride recalled, while aboard the rescue ship Carpathia, “Autumn,” likely referencing the popular waltz at the time “Songe d’Automne.”


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