Did You Know – Presidential Trivia

By | Feb 19, 2012

When Barack Obama took the oath of office of President on January 20, 2009 he started the 56th four year term of President. Each 4 year term has 1461 days (4 years of 365 plus the leap day).

Five years have had two Presidents born in them:
* Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams were both born in 1767.
* Ulysses S. Grant and Rutherford B. Hayes were both born in 1822.
* Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were both born in 1913.
* George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter were both born in 1924.
* George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were both born in 1946.
With the exception of George H. W. Bush and Jimmy Carter, the men were successive in terms.

Zachary Taylor is the only president that died in office who was not elected in a “0” year. He did die in a year that ended in “0”, 1850.

John Tyler died on January 18, 1862 in Richmond, Virginia. Since Virginia had seceded from the United States it could be said that he is the only president to have died in a “foreign” country. Tyler supported state rights and had sided with the Confederacy and had been elected to the House of Representatives of the Confederate Congress, although he died before he could serve. A Confederate flag draped his coffin.

John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson and Gerald Ford are the only Presidents who replaced a President, all but Gerald Ford upon their predecessor’s death, and not be be elected President in their own right. John Tyler’s party (Whig) expelled him from their party. Although he tried to create another party and run as their candidate, he decided before the election of 1844 to drop out. Millard Fillmore failed to be nominated by his party (Whig) in 1852. Andrew Johnson, a Democrat who had been elected Vice President along with Abraham Lincoln on the short lived National Union Party (1864-1868), also failed to be nominated by his party (Democrat). Gerald Ford lost his bid for election to Jimmy Carter in 1976.

John F. Kennedy is the only president to predeceased both parents. He also predeceased a grandparent. His grandmother, Mary Josephine Hannon Fitzgerald, died in 1964. Only James Polk, his mother, James Garfield, his mother and Warren G. Harding , his father, had a parent survive them.


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