An Extra Day in February

By | Feb 29, 2012

February 29th. It’s the day that is added every 4 years to balance the calendar. A year is actually a little less that 365.25 days long. The actual formula for leap days is that it occurs only every four years, in years evenly divisible by 4, except century years not divisible by 400. Since the […]

The 16th Amendment is Passed

By | Feb 25, 2012

On February 25, 1913, a little over three years after the Sixty-first Congress passed an amendment to the Constitution, Secretary of State Philander Knox announced that the Sixteenth Amendment had been ratified. The Amendment gave Congress, “… the power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several […]

The Truths of Washington

By | Feb 22, 2012

George Washington, the leader of the Continental Army and later the first President of the United States, thought of February 22nd as his birthday. He was born on February 11, 1731 under the Julian Calendar. The Julian Calendar was used in England, in which Virginia was a colony in 1731, but the Gregorian Calendar was […]

Mercury Seven

By | Feb 20, 2012

Freedom 7 Launched May 8, 1961 with Alan Shepard aboard. The flight put the first man in space. It lasted 15 minutes 28 seconds. The flight did not orbit the earth. Liberty Bell 7 Launched July 21, 1961 with Virgil (Gus) Grissom aboard. Second flight into space, but it too was a non-orbital flight lasting […]

Presidential – Did You Know?

By | Feb 20, 2012

When James Monroe was confirmed as President by the Electoral College he received all of the Electoral votes except for one. A New Hampshire delegate would not give his vote to Monroe in honor of George Washington. Washington is the only President elected unanimously by the Electoral College. Martin Van Buren was born on December […]

Did You Know – Presidential Trivia

By | Feb 19, 2012

When Barack Obama took the oath of office of President on January 20, 2009 he started the 56th four year term of President. Each 4 year term has 1461 days (4 years of 365 plus the leap day). Five years have had two Presidents born in them: * Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams were […]

Howard K. Smith

By | Feb 15, 2012

To many the old time news anchors are Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather and the late Peter Jennings. There has been a long line of news men that preceded them. One of these men, Howard K. Smith, was born on May 12, 1914. Before the American’s joined in World War II he was a newsman in […]

History Writ with Lightning

By | Feb 8, 2012

‘The Birth of a Nation’ was produced and directed by D.W. Giffith and released on February 8, 1915. It starred Lillian Gish, Henry Walthall and Mae Walsh. The 3 hour 10 minute film was originally presented in two parts separated by an intermission. The film cost $110,000 (over 2 Million in 2006) and grossed over […]

A Silent Death

By | Feb 1, 2012

On the morning of February 2, 1922, the body of silent film director William Desmond Taylor was discovered at his home. The director had been killed by a shot in the back. In his pockets was his wallet with 78 dollars, a silver cigarette case and an ivory toothpick. A 2 caret diamond ring was […]

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