The Voice from the Robot

By | Jan 31, 2012

For many the first thing that comes to mind when recalling the 1960’s TV series Lost in Space are the words, “Danger Will Robinson” called out many times by the ever present Robot. Last week on January 22, 2012, Dick Tulfield, the man who voiced those words died at the age of 85. Richard Norton […]

The Beatles Up On The Roof

By | Jan 30, 2012

Those who were walking the streets near the Abbey Road Studios at 3 Savile Row, London on January 30, 1969 got a surprise and, to a few, a great treat. It was on that date that The Beatles performed their unannounced noontime concert. Their last public performance. They were working on songs for a possible […]


By | Jan 28, 2012

Serendipity is defined as a discovery of something fortunate while looking for something else. The word was first used by Horace Walpole in a letter dated January 28, 1754 to Horace Mann, an Englishman living at the time in Florence. This is not the Horace Mann who was a American educator. Walpole had read a […]

Established: 1972

By | Jan 26, 2012

One may think that Email is a fairly new form of communications however it is credited to have been invented in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson who worked for Bolt Beranek and Newman as an ARPANET contractor. By chance he picked the @ symbol to denote sending messages from one computer to another, name-of-the-user@name-of-the-computer. The Hewlett-Packard […]

Apple’s 1984

By | Jan 24, 2012

During the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII a commercial aired. The commercial has been considered a masterpiece in advertising and it also introduced the Apple Macintosh Computer. The commercial alluded to George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 and featured Big Brother on a screen speaking to an audience of drones. In runs a young lady […]

Hardy Before Laurel

By | Jan 18, 2012

It was towards the end of the Silent Film Era that Oliver Hardy joined Stan Laurel to form the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy. Hardy was in his mid-thirties when the pair joined and had already had a long career in Silent Films. Oliver Hardy was born on January 18, 1892 in Harlem, Georgia […]

Gathering of the Tribes

By | Jan 14, 2012

On January 14, 1967 20 to 30 thousand people came together at Golden State Park in San Francisco for the Human Be-In. It has unofficially become known as the prelude to the Summer of Love. It was first announced on the cover of the San Francisco Oracle first Issue as “A Gathering of the Tribes […]

Mission Santa Clara de Thamien

By | Jan 11, 2012

While George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin was creating a new country, a group of Spanish Fransciscan Friars under the leadership of Father Junípero Serra were establishing missions in present day California. On January 11, 1777 the Mission Santa Clara de Thamien was founded at the Indian village of So-co-is-u-ka on the […]

The Silent Cowboy

By | Jan 6, 2012

Tom Mix became film’s first Western Movie star. He wasn’t born in the west, but in the east. He was born on January 6, 1880 in Mix Run, Pennsylvania. His birth name was Thomas Hezekiah Mix, but when he enlisted in the army during the Spanish-American War he entered as Thomas E. Mix. The E […]

Stephen Decatur

By | Jan 5, 2012

Stephen Decatur was born on January 5, 1779 in Berlin, Maryland and was raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the age of 19 he joined the newly formed U.S. Navy, and rose rapidly in rank. He was the youngest man to reach the rank of captain in the United States Navy. He also was the first […]

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