Items to Keep in Your Car – Winter

By | Dec 22, 2011

A first-aid kit
Actually for this one the season doesn’t matter. You should always have a first-aid kit in your car. Accidents, (I’m not referring to an auto accident, but a cut finger or nose bleed) alway seem to happen when you least expect it. In the winter part of your first-aid kit should include food and snacks.

Jumper Cables
Again this doesn’t depend on the season, although it seems as if a weak battery always appear during colder weather. So long as it’s done correctly there is little danger in jump-starting a dead battery. There are many ‘How-To’ instruction on-line. Print one, place it in a plastic bag for protections and put the instructions with the cables.

A good spare tire
When was the last time you checked the spare tire? Check it a few times during the year and especially before winter to be sure that it is ready just in case it’s needed.

Ice scrapper
In snow or on a frosty morning, clean all of the windows so you can see.

Blankets, gloves and a warm jacket
These will be a blessing if the car decides to die in the middle of the night far from the nearest help.

Sand or Kitty litter and a small shovel
If the car gets stuck in snow or on a slippery surface you can place the sand or kitty litter around the tires to help get traction.


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