Did You Know – Early American History

By | Sep 8, 2011

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St. Augustine Florida is the oldest continuous settlement in the United States. It was originally a Spanish settlement as well as its oldest port. St. Augustine was founded by Pedro Menéndez de Avilés on September 8, 1565.

The first English child born in America was Virgina Dare who was born on August 18, 1587. She was born shortly after a colony was established on Roanoke Island in present-day North Carolina. John White, the Roanoke colony’s governor was her Grandfather. White returned to England to get supplies and when he returned the colony had disappeared never be discovered what had become of the Colony nor Virginia Dare.

The Dutch under the leadership of Peter Stuyvesant controlled the American coast between New York (They founded New Amsterdam, New York’s original name in 1525) and the mouth of the Delaware Day. Dutch settlements on the western shores of the Delaware Bay is one of the reasons that Delaware was not part of the Maryland Colony.

During the Revolutionary War Florida (at the time two separate colonies, East and West Florida) was an English Colony. Spain had lost Florida to England during the French Indian War that ended in 1761. East and West Florida would return to Spanish rule in 1783.

On July 16, 1769 Junípero Serra found a mission at San Diego. This was the first of 21 missions founded along California’s pacific coast.

The Maryland Colony began with a failed attempt by George Calvert, the First Lord Baltimore, in Newfoundland. Calvert had been the Secretary of State under King James the I and he had requested a chance to build a colony in the New World. The “Province of Avalon” began settlement in 1623. In 1628 Calvert moved to the settlement with the intention of remaining there for the rest of his days. The winter of 1628-29 was much worst than he expected and he returned to England. He still desired a colony in the New World and began the process that would become the Maryland Charter.


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