Dead at 27

By | Jul 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse was discovered dead. Even though at the time of this writing (July 24, 2011) the cause of death has not been determined, it is fair to conclude with her history of drug and alcohol abuse that it may have been a contributing cause. Amy Winehouse was 27. The age of 27 and the […]

The Lost Roanoke Colony

By | Jul 22, 2011

Jamestown, Virginia, which was established in 1607, was not the first English colony in America, but was the first successful one. In the later part of the 16th century, twice colonies were started in what is now Northern North Carolina. Sir Walter Raleigh had received a charter to colonize North America with 10 years to […]

Top Albums of the 1970s

By | Jul 20, 2011

Tow years ago we posted the Top 10 Albums that were released in the 1970s (see below). There has been a few changes in the two years. Here is the current list. 10 – Beatles – 1962-1966 (The Red Album) (See all British Invasion Rock Music CDs) (21) 9 – Elton John – Elton John […]

Big Trial in the Summer of ’25

By | Jul 11, 2011

It was the summer of 1925 and in Dayton, Tennessee a trial took place that helped shaped the American culture. The trial lasted 11 days and it was on July 10 of that year that the State of Tennessee began its case against school teacher John Scopes for teaching Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to his […]

Stephen King’s – The Stand

By | Jul 8, 2011

In 1978 Doubleday Books publishes Stephen Kings fourth novel The Stand.  King believes that this fulfills a contract obligation and believes it would be his last at the publishing house.  Later Doubleday would publish Pet Sematary. Synopsis: After an accident happens at a miltary biological weapon facility a guard escapes infected with adeadly virus known […]

A Year Makes a Big Difference

By | Jul 5, 2011

We have just celebrated the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. A year before that adoption the Continental Congress had a different view of England and its King. On July 5, 1775 they agreed upon a petition to be sent to the King saying that they wanted to […]

George M. Cohan – The Yankee Doodle Dandy

By | Jul 3, 2011

George Michael Cohan was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1878. He was the second child of show business parents Jerry (Jerome) and Nelly (Helen Costigan) Cohan. Even though his baptismal certificate says he was born on July 3rd, Cohan’s family always insisted he was born on the 4th of July. When he was 11 […]

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