The Apple II Computer

By | Jun 5, 2011

On June 5, 1977 the Apple II computer went on sale. The retail price for this early personal computer was $1298 for one with 4KB of Ram. A higher end one with 48 KB of RAM listed for $2638. This was without a video display.

The Apple II was Apple’s second computerI. The Apple I was sold mainly as a kit and while you could purchase the Apple II as a kit it was mainly sold in a case with a keyboard.

The Apple II series was in production from April 1977 with its production ending on October 15, 1993, or sixteen years and seven months. First there was the Apple II, then in 1979 the Apple II Plus was released. The Apple IIe followed in 1983 and the Apple IIc in 1984. The Apple IIgs was released in September 1986 and the last in the Apple II line was the Apple IIc Plus released in 1988.

The Apple IIe is the most familiar of the Apple II line and was considered the workhouse of the line. It was sold with only minor changes for almost 11 years.

The Apple IIc was billed as the portable Apple II. It small size made it easy to carry and even had available a monochrome LCD display.

The Apple II series with its use in schools was the first computer that many people saw. The first spreadsheet developed was VisiCalc and at first was only available on the Apple II. Because of the Apple II success, IBM was convinced to develop their own Personal Computer, the IBM PC.


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