The Flag Over Fort Sumter

By | Apr 14, 2011

The first shots of the American Civil War were fired upon Fort Sumter at Charleston, South Carolina. Those first confederate shots began on April 12, 1861. Thirty-four hours later the fort surrendered. The Union garrison was turned over the fort to the southern Confederate government at 2:30 PM on April 14. As part of the […]

He Threw the First Pitch – Just Not Baseball

By | Apr 12, 2011

Abner Doubleday was credited in 1907 by The Mills Commission, of inventing the game of baseball in Cooperstown, New York. This was a claim that was never made by Doubleday during his life, he died in 1893. This claim has been debunked by Baseball Historians. Doubleday, who was born on June 26, 1819, did in […]

Kellogg is Born

By | Apr 7, 2011

Kellogg cereal was not born on April 7th, but the man who the cereal company takes its name was. Will Keith (W.K.) Kellogg was born on April 7, 1860. The Kellogg Company came by accident. W.K. Kellogg’s older brother John Harvey Kellogg ran the Battle Creek Sanitarium. He believed in a vegetarian diet, one that […]

R.E.M – The Alternative Rock Band

By | Apr 5, 2011

By the times that the 1980’s arrived my interest in popular music was on a decline.  As a young adult in the 80’s it seemed that, like many others, my interests lied with working to survive.  So I was never a fan of the alternative rock band R.E.M, even though when listening to a report […]

Could Have Been

By | Apr 3, 2011

Ronald Harmon Brown (August 1, 1941–April 3, 1996) was a former Secretary of Commerce (January 22, 1993 – April 3, 1996) under President Clinton, the first African American to hold this position. Brown was also the first African American to lead a party when he was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee on February […]

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