The Battle After the War

By | Jan 8, 2011

The last major battle of the World of 1812 occurred on January 8, 1815 when the British lead by Sir Alexander Cochrane met the Andrew jackson led Americans. The battle on was the end of a British invasion that began on December 14, 1814. On that date a British fleet of 10,000 soldiers and sailors anchored in the Gulf of Mexico.

The United States and Great Britain began talks for peace in August of 1814 at Ghent, Belgium. On Christmas eve after four months of talks a treaty was signed. The Treaty of Ghent was not ratified by the US Senate until February 16, 1815.

Some may considered this to be a battle that was held when the two countries were at truce, however with the speed of communications at that time, there was no way that either of the two commanders could know that their countries were not at war.

In fact the outcome of this battle made it obvious to the British that the United States was a country that could defend their selves and convince them to abide by the treaty.

For many years the anniversary of the battle was celebrated. It also help to propel Andrew Jackson to the forefront of American politics and achieve the office of President

Johnny Horton recorded the song The Battle of New Orleans composed by Jimmy Driftwood. Driftwood, a history teacher, put words to an old fiddle tune called The 8th of January as a way to help teach children about the battle. Johnny Horton’s version of the song was so popular it topped the charts in 1959 and won the 1960 Grammy Award for Song of the Year.


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