Hitler’s Henchmen

By | Oct 16, 2010

Adolf Eichmann  (March 19, 1906 – June 1, 1962)
He was the Jewish expert and headed the Gestapo Department IV B4 for Jewish Affairs. He traveled throughout German rule lands coordinating the “Final Solution” that oversaw the extermination process. Escaped from an American internment camp taking refuse in Argentina until he was abducted by the Israeli secret service in 1960 and taken to back to Israel tried and executed for crimes against humanity.

Hans Frank (May 23, 1900 – October 16, 1946)
He was Hitler’s personal Legal advisor in the 1920’s. As part of the SS with the rank of Obergruppenführer Frank oversaw the segregation of the Jews into ghettos (Jewish quarters) and the use of Polish civilians as “forced and compulsory” labor. In 1942 he lost his positions of authority by annoying Hitler. He was one of the defendants in the Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. He was found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and was executed by hanging on October 16, 1946.

Joseph Goebbels (October 29, 1897 – May 1, 1945)
In the 1920’s he tried for several years to become a published author writing novels, plays and poetry. Goebbels became the face and the voice of the Nazi regime for the German people. After Hitler suicide he decided to follow suit. He had each of his six children injected with morphine and while unconscious, crushed an ampoule of cyanide in their mouths.  He shot himself and his wife took poison. Not long before his death he declared: “We shall go down in history as the greatest statesmen of all time, or as the greatest criminals.”

Hermann Göring – (January 12, 1893 – October 15, 1946)
He was the Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia, Plenipotentiary for the Implementation of the Four Year (economic) Plan, and designated successor to Hitler.  He did lose some favor with Hitler during the Battle of Britain (1940) because of the decreased effectiveness of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force).  He was put on trail ay Nuremberg in 1946 and found guilty on of war crimes. He committed suicide in prison hours before his scheduled execution.

Rudolf Hess (April 26, 1894 – August 17, 1987)
He was Deputy Führer and considered to be the number 3 man in Hitler’s Germany after Göring. On May 10, 1941 he left Germany suddenly for Scotland. His intention was to negotiate peace with the British. Instead he was captured and imprison. Hess was declared insane by a bewildered Hitler, and effectively disowned by the Nazis.  He was tried at Nuremberg and in spite of his mental condition was sentenced to life in prison. He committed suicide in 1987 at age 92, the last of the prisoners tried at Nuremberg.

Heinrich Himmler (October 7, 1900 – May 23, 1946)
He is known as the architect of the Holocaust. As head of the Gestapo he is directly responsible for the deaths of six million in German concentration camps. After the death of Hitler, Himmler attempts to flee but is captured by British troops near Bremen on May 21, 1946. He commits suicide on May 23 in Lüneburg, Germany and is buried in an unmarked grave in nearby woods.


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