A Break in the Action

By | Sep 8, 2010

One of the phrases I have used in the past is ‘Life sometimes gets in the way.’

While I have been working on 6 Things to Consider since 2006, it has always been as much a hobby as it was anything else. Would I like to devote as much time as needed to this. Of Course the answer is YES. However it has been at best a part-time job. One that pays little to no money.

For the past couple of week, I have been busy doing other things. This has lead to neglect to this site.

Will this continue? My short answer to this is YES. But it may not be 6 Days a week as has been advertised in the past.

Also with over 800 mini-articles, there may be repeats. OK, yes there already has been repeats, but until this past summer, I have tried to keep them to a minimum. This summer there has been more repeats than I would have liked. But as I’ve said ‘Life gets in the way’.

Hope that everyone had a great Summer and Fall will be just as good, if not better.


Thank You for Reading

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