The Best Days of Summer

By | Jul 28, 2010

Summer is as much a state of mind as it is a season. The calendar may say that summer lasts from mid-June to mid-September, but to many it’s much longer. Memorial Day weekend is thought to be the unofficial first day of summer and many people look forward to this weekend.

When I was a kid I always looked forwarded to the Last Day of School. To me that was really the first day of summer. And I’m sure that even today kids wants this day to come fast. No more school work and no more listening to teachers.

The 4th of July is considered the anniversary of the United States and it’s great to throw the country a birthday party. Picnics and Bar-B-Q’s, spending time with friends and fireworks highlight a great summer day. Even though it seems natural it also seems strange that the 1812 Overture has become a fireworks theme, since the song has nothing to do with the United States, but the invasion of the French into Russia.

It may not be as anticipated as the last day of school, at least not for kids, but the First Day of School can be considered one of those days that some wants to see come. Mom’s and some Dad’s, after a summer of having young kids begging for their attention, can find some solitude as their children walk out the door for the first day of the school year. Time to drink the morning cup of coffee with no one but the birds at the feeder bothering them.

Labor Day is another of those unofficial days of summer. This one is for the end. But in some ways it should be considered the first day of the rest of summer. Even into the latter days of October the feeling of summer can be felt.

But for me i think that one of the best days of summer is A Cool Summer Day. One that comes after a extended heat wave that has driven you into a cooler place. A day to take a long walk in the park or sit on the beach and watch the wonders that nature gives us.


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