Musical Artist of the Decade

By | Jul 9, 2010

This morning Lady Gaga performed on the Concert Summer Series on NBC performing to their biggest crowd. Each generation/decade has had a musical artist that has in their own way defined the decade. Is the decade of 2010 Lady Gaga’s? So far it would seem that way. Here is my list of the Artist of the last several decades.

1930’s – Bing Crosby with the 1940’s being Frank Sinatra. Many could be of the opinion that Bing Crosby is the artist of the 30’s and 40’s with Sinatra reaching the top in the later 40’s and into the early 50’s.

1950’s – Elvis Presley. He’s not called the King for nothing

1960’s – The Beatles. They began in 1962 as a top British act before reaching the US in 1964. The 70’s began as they ended, but their influence is still felt.

1970’s – Elton John. He was the first artist to debut at Number 1 on the album chart and from 1971 on (although Your Song did debut in 1970) didn’t miss a year without a top selling song.

1980’s – Michael Jackson. Just one word, Thriller. Although there is an argument for Madonna.

1990’s – Garth Brooks. Whether you liked him or not, he sold a bunch of CD’s.

2000’s – The decade has just ended and their could be an argument for a number of artists. Beyonce, Jay Z, Britney Spears, and even Miley Cyrus. But I’ll give that honor to Mariah Carey.


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